How to wash your hair with baking Soda - Tips for a more Beautiful Hair

October 15, 2021

Did you know that there are effective alternatives to leave your hair clean and shiny without using a shampoo? If you want to know more about these natural remedies, you have come to the perfect place. we want to talk to you about an economic and natural product that will become one of the best allies for your beauty treatments, especially for skin and hair care. We are talking about sodium bicarbonate, an ideal product to repair, clean and improve the image and appearance of your hair. Do you want to know everything about their properties? Take note! Below, we explain how to wash bicarbonate hair and many other ways to make the most of its beneficial properties.

Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate

Baking soda is a product that, in addition to being economical and easy to find, has multiple beneficial properties for health, but if something stands out is its influence on beauty treatments, specifically in skin and hair. Among its most outstanding uses, it is contemplated its natural exfoliating power, perfect to eliminate dead skin cells, in addition to eliminating black spots or combating acne.

Properties of Baking Soda for Hair

Between his multiple properties they emphasize:

Goodbye to hair fat: baking soda is perfect for oily hair since it removes excess fat that accumulates in the hair and gives an image of dirt and dishevelment.

Cleansing and freshness: the properties of this excellent product help to clean the hair naturally and keep the hair fresh. In addition, bicarbonate-based washes will give your hair more shine, softness and health.

Balances scalp oils: with baking soda, you will not wash your hair so often so you will help to balance the oils and the capillary sebum, in addition to reestablishing the pH of the scalp thanks to its detergent effect that removes dirt and the hair fat but in a less aggressive way than the shampoo.

Better growth and stronger: bicarbonate is a natural remedy that helps hair growth since it eliminates acid pH, which usually limits hair growth. With its use and correct application, you will get a healthy and strong hair.

How to wash your hair with baking Soda - Tips for a more Beautiful Hair

Baking Soda as a Shampoo

If you have come this far you will be wondering why we use baking soda instead of shampoo, our usual hair cleaning product. There are many differences that can help you to conclude that baking is a good and simple solution that will improve the health of your hair while keeping it clean. Namely:

Bicarbonate is a natural product: Unlike shampoo, which is created from numerous chemical elements and other toxic ingredients, like most cosmetics.
The abuse of shampoo will spoil your hair: So it is not necessary to resort to it daily. Remember that the scalp needs to keep in balance the essential oils that it naturally generates to keep hydrated, healthy and away from curling your hair. The bicarbonate helps to strengthen the hair naturally, eliminating the acidic pH of the scalp to maintain the balance of the oils.
The bicarbonate is not toxic or harmful: Provided it is used without abuse of it or in large quantities since it is a natural compound. It is a versatile and safe product that has numerous properties, which makes it a safe ingredient for health and that contributes in a clear way to keep your skin and hair in perfect condition, among other uses and applications (gastronomy, cleaning of home...).
In addition, sodium bicarbonate is a very economical product and suitable for all types of hair. 

How to prepare a bicarbonate hair conditioner

If you have decided to try the baking soda to wash your hair, you should prepare an easy solution that will help you to leave your perfect mane. For this, you will need:

A couple of plastic bottles: where we will place the mixture.
Baking soda: essential
Apple cider vinegar: another great ally that will give shine, softness and greater flexibility to your hair after washing.
In case you do not like vinegar and the smell that leaves after use, you can also make the mixture replacing it with lemon juice, another good option for hair.

How to make the Conditioner with Bicarbonate step by step

Then, follow these steps that we indicate:
  1. Prepare the shampoo by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda in 250 ml of water, which equals one cup, and place it all in one of the bottles.
  2. Observe how the mixture remains after the complete dissolution of the bicarbonate since it must have a sliding feel, not totally liquid. If you notice that it does not have this touch, you will have to add more bicarbonate until you get it.
  3. To prepare the conditioner, you must add between 1 and 6 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice in its absence, and add 250 ml or a cup of water.
  4. If you feel like it, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to give it a better smell or to take advantage of the beneficial properties of the hair that they give you.

Wash your Hair with Baking

Now that you have your natural cleaning products based on baking soda and apple cider vinegar, it is time to proceed with cleaning the hair with these new remedies. Take note:
  1. Before washing the hair, untangle and brush it. This will eliminate surface dirt.
  2. Soak your hair and apply the baking soda shampoo all over your hair. Do it by giving a hair massage on the scalp. Remember to insist on the areas that tend to grease and avoid filling all the bicarbonate hair, since it will clean itself with what falls from the scalp.
  3. Then, rinse the hair with plenty of water to prevent the scalp from becoming whitish.
  4. After the first rinse, it is time to use the conditioner made with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Place it on the roots and soak all the hair. Let it act for a few minutes before clarifying.
  5. Finally, rinse the hair with plenty of cold water.

Ready! This is the best procedure to keep your hair completely clean, healthy and shiny based on baking soda.

Tips for Washing hair with Baking

It may be that some people have to adjust their mixtures because the result is not what they expected. Do not worry, it's normal, every type of hair is different. Therefore we recommend:

If the hair is greasy: it increases the time you leave the bicarbonate in your hair or add more bicarbonate to your mix. You can also reduce the time you let the natural conditioner work or apply it in less quantity.
If the hair is dry: in this case, you should reduce the time you let the bicarbonate on the hair or reduce the amount of the product in your mixtures. You can also increase the time you allow the conditioner to work with vinegar or lemon or increase its amount in the wash. For these cases, it is also recommended to apply essential oils after washing and brush the hair with a boar bristle brush that will help to distribute the natural oils of the hair to hydrate naturally.

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