A Few Trick to make a small room look much bigger

October 17, 2021


A Few Trick to make a small room look much bigger

If you live in the city or share a house with roommates, you likely have an extremely small bedroom. And this can be challenging if you're not in the "less is better" mentality.

Tricks to see a small room bigger

If you are looking to buy your first home, you will find that most apartments have a small bedroom. As frustrating as it may be at first, you will learn that a small space can be very well adaptable to different needs.

1. Use light tones on furniture and walls

The light tones automatically help the spaces look brighter and larger . So before you do anything, decorate your bedroom or office with a fresh coat of white paint. And if pure white is too harsh, go for an off-white shade, but try to avoid dark colors.

2. Add depth with colors and patterns

If you like bright colors and patterns, but don't have the space to make a bold statement, try accentuating a corner - with color or wallpaper at the base of a bookcase or inside a recess to add depth to the room.

Unlike an entire wall, this corner will not flood such a small space. And it is also much cheaper than installing wall wallpaper.

3. Take advantage of high ceilings

If your room has high ceilings, then you are in luck. For starters, these types of ceilings will make your space appear much larger than it actually is, while also giving you more storage options. So use the extra height by installing shelves just below the roof line. It's great for books and anything else you don't use on a daily basis.

4. Make use of the corners

Do you want to secure the small space for your office in the small bedroom? No problem. If possible, place your desk in a corner to make it look like a separate workspace and fill in any "dead" spaces. And if you can find a small desk with built-in shelves, it will definitely be a huge plus.

5. Use versatile furniture

If you really work in a small space, choose a multipurpose nightstand instead of a freestanding desk. This simple and cute table serves as a desk during the day and a nightstand at night.

If you lean a mirror against the wall, it could also become a glamorous makeup station or dresser.

6. Take storage seriously

Purchase a cube rack unit. This favorite cube-shaped storage system allows for any kind of adjustment, while surprisingly “compact” our clutter.

Hide clothes, sneakers, papers and other things in boxes or baskets to make an even clearer aesthetic statement.

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