Role of Education

January 15, 2021

Role of Education

 It is said that “education is the third eye of man”

Education is the only weapon by which one can fight and conquer the Battle of life. The education has been very essential part of the different civilizations of the world in historical perspectives. The early stages made of format of alphabets and thoroughly world on philology. Thus, gradually grammar was made up, in which different bifurcations were made; as, man could easily operate the language as a source of communication.
When you talk about development the education is the main source for a country to enrage the developmental process. If people are educated then you can achieve your best you want for. All the developmental that has taken place in this world is the resource of education are also because of the educated people.

Education is playing its key role when we talk about the developed countries. The developed countries have made progress just because of better educational background, educational facilities and better implementation of educational policies. When we talk about the developed courtiers of this world, some big names come in our mind. Some of the developed countries are United State of America, United Kingdom, Australia, china and Canada etc. United State of America has made progress only due to the better education and you know that USA is ruling almost all over the world. That is only due to the education because educated people are always respected and everywhere respected. China is also the main country whose development has been made only due to the education and educational facilities and policies.

It is said that “if you want to destroy the future of any nation, there is no need to wage war with them; defunct their educational system, they will remain no more line on the map of the world.”

Education make possible to convey the culture via appropriate molding of social role. In this way, it contributes to the mixing, to live on and to mimic them. Every one of us takes thing differently, so there is no room for different suggestions. All of us showed aim at to abreast and peace ahead to take the task of improving the education system in a systematic way by implementation of different programs. Textbooks must be updated with current topics and rapidly changing scenario of the world. Let us pray to Allah Almighty may the enables us to bring and get our desired results by putting our entire efforts in this respect.

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