Organizational Structure and Critical Analysis of NBP

January 09, 2021

 Organizational Structure and Critical Analysis of NBP

Organizational Structure of NBP

Organization chart demonstrates the organizational structure.  Organization structure is totally based on organization objective and strategy to achieve them. In centralized organization structure, the power of decision making is hold top level of management and tight control applies over department. While in decentralized structure organization the decision making power is delegated and departments have varying level of autonomy.

Organization structure is decided the level of roll, power and responsibilities are controlled, coordinated and delegated among the management for flow.  N,B,P structure is a bureaucratic type of structure, in this structure formalized rules and regulation are followed, narrow span of control and centralized authority, task are set in the functional department, decision making through chain of command and operating task are achieved by specialization.


Critical Analysis of NBP

This report is concerning my internship program at National Bank of Pakistan. In this report you will find all features about the bank, its product and services. I found the knowledge about every main part of the bank, which I observed during my internship period. The main purpose of my internship program is learnt by working in practical environment and applies the knowledge in real world scenario which obtained during academic process.

N.B.P is the largest bank of Pakistan but some area where need to improve which I observe in doing my internship program is as under:

Customer Dealing & Satisfaction

In N.B.P customer dealing is well but during the rush customer wait for a long time it is very hard for a potential customer to get the information. Facilities for customer service are not proper and some time customer feels hesitation.

Poor Filing System Record

I observed during my internship program that filing system of the bank is poor when we need some specific record we spent a lot of time wasted to search it.

Work Differences

A vast difference exists between theory and practical and N.B.P has written procedure

Job Analysis

Job analysis is not effective because some people are simple graduate and don’t background about their job. So during the hiring trained, skillful and job oriented people are encouraged for the job.

Lack of Training

N.B.P does not provide adequate facility of specialized training to their staff because through training employee gained more knowledge and advance skill.

Lack of Computer Technology

Lengthy procedure of paper work which is due to lack of computer technology is the burdened over the bank employee so they are unable to give proper attention on the clients and judge their face difficulties during the doing job.

Lack of Secrecy of Customer

Bank duty is base on secrecy but employee don’t maintain secrecy especially during the rush they speak loudly account position and clearance of cheque so person can get whole information from the ledge.

Managerial Leadership

Develop a managerial and leadership skill because manage is not only responsible for their own units in business he control financial and administrative matter as well as he  also involve training, recruiting, grievance handling and taking immediate initiative in crisis situating to take major decision which affecting the future of the bank and banking community.

Low Profit

NBP gives low profit rate to their customer so most of the customer shifted their account to the National Saving Center for high profit. NBP increase their profit rates to attract the customer.

Employee Appreciation

Another very important thing which is ignored it is appreciation which give the employee on their good performance. Hard work and performance of employee are not recognized and appreciated which crates dissatisfaction and performance decline.

Manager Authority

Manager has a limited authority he is just approval the job so when manager is not present in his office. The customer having a wait for many hours and I  observed that there is delays in sanctioning loan cases form the head office which is causes the dissatisfaction of customer.

Efficient Banking

Efficient banking is don’t emphasize on number of accounts but grater amount of deposit while in NPB account are more but depositing are low.

Lack of Business Communication

There is no proper way to give the information to the customer. The Bank loses your confidence if create minor dissatisfaction and tension in the mind of customer. So bank services are slow down in efficiency.


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