Games for adult parties

December 18, 2020

Games for adult parties

Are you going to celebrate a party with your friends and want a plan to make the evening flow dynamically and with lots of fun? Then you have reached the ideal place. We propose to organize a series of games for after dinner to ensure laughter throughout the night. From traditional games to which we played as children to other more original ideas perfect to liven up the party and get everyone to have a great time.

Whether you want games for adult parties with alcohol or if you are looking for something more light, in the following article you will discover a long selection of games for adult parties that you will love. Which one do you prefer?

Fun games for adults at a party

We began to talk about the more traditional games but that always manage to brighten the night and that all the guests have a better than good time. They are lifelong games that you have surely played as a child but if you play again now, you will like them even more than before. Take note:

Movie game

It is a classic in any type of party, whether for adults or children. It is about creating two teams in which one member of each must mimic a movie for their own team to guess. The titles of the films must be chosen by the opposing team and they will have only 1 minute to try to represent a scene or the same title of the film for their team to win.

Phone game

It is also one of those games that you have surely played at least once in your life. All the participants stand in a circle and one of them begins to say a word or phrase in the other’s ear, he has to say it quickly but vocalizing. The fun is in seeing how much a message can change from the moment it is said until the last one receives it.

Game of the chairs

Another classic game that can perfectly be transferred to an adult party . This consists of placing chairs forming a circle with them; You have to place one less than the number of people you are, for example, if you are 5 you will have to put only 4 chairs. To the rhythm of the music you will have to run around the chair and when someone stops the music you will have to run to sit on one of the chairs; who is left without a seat must leave the game and remove a chair.

Limbo game

Another idea to play at an adult party is the mythical limbo. It is about placing a bar between two players and to the rhythm of the music try to pass under it without touching it; each time the bar will be lower and the last one that falls wins.

In addition, you can innovate with other games if you decide that your party is organized around a specific theme: 1920s, Hawaiian, etc. 

¡ Ni te in mutes!

Start by writing 2 or 3 ridiculous sentences each on a piece of paper; They have to be inappropriate, spicy, or secret phrases that you know will make others laugh. The game consists of each player having to take a piece of paper and read the sentence without flinching and without making any facial expression … whoever succeeds will have a punishment!

True or false?

All the players start by writing nouns on a piece of paper, and then one by one, they have to take one of the pieces of paper previously put in a bag. Roll a die, but don’t let anyone see the result … if the die rolls an even number, you will have to tell a true story of your life where the noun you took from the bag is mentioned. If, on the other hand, an odd number comes up, you will have to make up a story , also including that noun. The rest of the team will have to guess if your story is true or false! If they get it right and you lose, they can give you the punishment they want, but if they don’t get it right, you can give a punishment to whoever you decide.

Fun games for adults at a party

Original adult games

Are you looking for other adult games for parties that are more original? If this is the case, don’t miss the following options:

Game of the characters

The idea is that every time someone enters the house, you designate a character that he does not have to know and put it on his back. They must be characters known to you (from celebrities to cartoons, whatever you want!); the trick is that nobody knows who he is and that throughout the night he has to ask questions to guess. The questions can only be answered with “Yes” or “No” and to make it more fun, you can set a maximum time to guess who it is. Who does not succeed, may have to pass a test or have some kind of penance and, the first one who guesses it, may have a surprise gift. Hilarious!

Song play

It is a perfect game, especially for groups of friends who are most passionate about music. It consists of creating two teams and, in the same way we do in the movie game, the opposing team will tell you which song you have to hum to try to get your team to guess it. In 30 seconds or 1 minute you will have to try to make the members of your group understand the song that it is and know either the name of it or the name of the music band.

Treasure hunt

It is a game that could well be a gymkhana for adults, but to organize inside a house. In the place where you celebrate the party, different clues have to be distributed so that the participants can discover the treasure that can be from a gift, to a bottle or whatever comes to mind. To make the game more fun, set a maximum time to discover the clues. 

Tangle game

Participants in the party will have to hold hands and start to get tangled up with each other. One of the players will have to go outside while they are entangled and then enter the room with the aim of trying to untangle them without letting them get out of hand. It is a very fun game that is sure to provoke loud laughter.

Chained stories

This is one of our favorite games, as it is ideal both for family reunions with children and for adults or teenagers. It is a game that stimulates the imagination and that is perfect to give you a laugh and become, for a moment, inventors of stories. The game is very simple: following the hands of the clock, each person must make up a phrase from a story. The next participant must continue it and, thus, one by one you will create a fantastic story that must have a beginning and an end. A very fun way to stimulate creativity and have a great time.

Karaoke at home

If you want to put some music and party at your party for adults, nothing better than organizing a real karaoke at home. Today you no longer need to buy the device, because with YouTube you can sing and dance with your favorite songs.

The kiss letter

Another of the most successful games for adult parties at home is this one. With wet lips, a player will have to stick a card in his mouth and pass it to another player as if to kiss him … and so on from player to player. The two who drop the letter will have to drink!

Games for adult parties with alcohol

If you want to accompany your drinking games, prepare the cocktails that you like the most and enjoy the adult games for parties that we propose below:

Game of “never”

This is an adult game that can be a lot of fun and with which you can get to know your friends a little better. To do this you need glasses with a drink and the rules are very simple: someone says a sentence in which he tells something that he has never done, if someone at the table has done it, he will have to take a drink of the drink, otherwise, you won’t need to drink anything. For example: “I have never kissed a girl.” It is a very fun game in which you can discover very funny things about your classmates.

El “beer pong”

Imitating the game of ping pong, this game for adults consists of placing plastic cups at one end of a table and, from the other, trying to put a ping pong ball inside. It is played one against one and each failure involves taking a sip of a drink in hand.

The coin game

Very similar to the previous option, this is one of the funniest adult home party games . We recommend playing it with 5 or 10 cent coins. On a hard surface, you will have to try to bounce the coin and make it fall into a glass full of drink … if your coin touches the edge of the glass, you can flip again! If he enters, you can keep shooting until you fail and decide who in the group has to drink. If you have put in 3 coins, for example, you can distribute 3 drinks as you like. If you lose your … it’s your turn to drink!


Have you never heard of the buffalo game? You will love it, it is very easy and fun! The rules are the following: you all drink and talk around the table, however, you have to do it all the time with your left hand . When you see someone do it with the hand that is not touching, you will have to shout “Buffalo!”, And then that person will have to drink the entire glass at once.

Higher or lower

If you are looking for card games to drink , this is one of the most fun. Mix a deck of cards and turn the first one … sitting around the table, you will have to ask the next player if the card that will come out next will be greater, less or equal. If you hit a lower or higher, you go to the next; if you hit an equal, the rest of the players will have to drink; if he loses with higher or lower, whoever failed will have to drink, but if he loses with equal … everyone will have to drink at the same time! If you want to discover other good Card Drinking Games.

Who is most likely …?

Seated around a table, a player will have to ask “Who is most likely …?” and say what you want. On the count of three, everyone will have to point out who they think is most likely to do what they said. You will have to drink for each person who points to you!

You dare?

If you like strong emotions, this is your ideal game. Go all to the kitchen with a dice; whoever rolls the dice can save themselves or decide whether or not they dare. If you roll any number other than a five, that’s fine, but if you roll a five, you will have to eat something that the rest decide … the more disgusting you are, the more difficult! Every time a player rolls a number other than five, it will be passed to another player, and so on until someone else touches it.

You dare

Classic Adult Party Games

If you are not of strong emotions or you prefer a quieter evening, nothing better than the games for adult parties at home that we propose below. The table classics that you cannot miss!


Have each player take a sheet of paper and prepare different columns. The game consists of a player saying a letter and everyone has to put a word that begins with that letter from different categories. Although the categories are usually: proper names, animals, celebrities, countries and brands, you can choose the ones you prefer! Fill in each category in a hurry and shout “Tutifruti!”. The first to finish wins. 


Another classic that cannot be missed at adult parties. Show your knowledge in different categories with one of the best games for competitive souls … and if you don’t have the Trivia game at home, you can always take a look at these 150 Trivia Questions that we bring you from a HOWTO.


This hilarious game for adults and teenagers consists of guessing things, characters or places without naming other words. It is very difficult to create if you do not have the game at home, because you will only have to make cards with a concept to guess and the most common related words that you want the test player not to be able to mention. Make sure you don’t make it too easy for them!

Do you think you are very smart?

Are there any smartass in the group? This is one of the most ideal fun games for adults to liven up the evening. In this other article you will find some good Questions of general culture , so form two or three groups (depending on the number of people you are) and put yourself to the test. Whoever wins can punish the other team however they want!

Truth or Dare

The classic of the classics of all adult parties: truth or dare? This game will allow you to get to know your colleagues better, but also to laugh out loud and liven up the evening with some more or less spicy questions, that will depend on you! 

Have you been wanting more traditional adult games ? If this is the case, we suggest other great names that are not lacking in evenings with friends:

  • Monopoly
  • Pictionary
  • Party
  • Mikado
  • Jenga
Games for adult parties with alcohol

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