How to make BBQ chicken

November 27, 2020

How to make BBQ chicken

Preparing a chicken dish with some sauce and a good accompaniment is usually synonymous with success at any meal. Even the most demanding diners are delighted with this meat that allows a great multitude of cooking techniques to be put into practice: pan-fried, in the oven, barbecued or grilled. To get the chicken to be juicy and with an incredible flavor, it is important to hit the right sauce with it. Each person will have their favorite, but barbecue is one of those that best combines with this meat. Having the right ingredients, you can get an excellent dish with this BBQ chicken recipe, or also called barbecue chicken or “barbiquiu chicken” .

If you are thinking of preparing a good meal and want to try this way of preparing this meat, we invite you to discover how to make BBQ chicken , the necessary ingredients for the preparation and more details of the recipe. So, if you dare to try this simple and successful recipe, we recommend that you continue taking note of this easy and juicy BBQ chicken recipe.

1.  12 pieces of chicken (thighs, wings and / or breasts)
2.  Fried tomato
3.  Ketchup
4.  Pepper
5.  Shall
6.  Salsa BBQ

Steps to follow:

We begin to detail the instructions for the recipe for chicken with BBQ sauce, indicating that, first, you have to season the thighs with pepper and salt. You can also choose to make barbecue chicken breasts , some BBQ wings or even several pieces of each, so choose the part you like the most of the chicken or make the recipe with several.

Here we show you a recipe for BBQ chicken without an oven , so now you have to prepare the pan. Turn on a heat over medium power, add a little oil to the pan and put the seasoned chicken thighs , or the wings or breasts of your choice. Later, add the fried tomato and a little ketchup .

Wait a few minutes for the chicken to be made with these ingredients so that the flavors are impregnated. Pay attention to the thighs as they cook in the pan: stir them occasionally so they don’t stick together.

recipe for BBQ chicken without an oven

When you remove the thighs, note that both sides are well browned. Check that they reach the ideal doneness on the inside by opening some a little to see the interior if necessary. Then, pour the BBQ sauce on each thigh so the flavor permeates in the final minutes of cooking. If instead of buying a pot of sauce and adding it directly to the meat, you prefer to learn how to make chicken with homemade barbecue sauce , we recommend that you follow these steps to make BBQ or barbecue sauce :

  1. Light a fire and, in a frying pan, brown an onion and some chopped garlic. When they are golden brown, add brown sugar so the onion can caramelize over low heat.
  2. Turn off the heat and add a little honey and tomato sauce. Mix all the ingredients so that they are well integrated into a homogeneous sauce.
  3. Add a tablespoon of paprika powder and stir the mixture again.
  4. Finally, taste the sauce to see if it is to your liking and you will already have it available to finish the BBQ drumsticks.

After turning off the heat with the thighs and barbecue sauce still in the pan, let them rest for about 5 minutes, putting the lid on. In this way, all the flavors will be impregnated in the chicken and, after this time, you will be able to serve it freshly made. Now you know how to make chicken thighs with barbecue sauce and you can surprise your guests with a simple but delicious and juicy recipe.

With this recipe you can answer your questions about how to make BBQ chicken at any time. You can combine the dish in several ways, as it is easy to accompany. Here are some side ideas for BBQ chicken thighs :

  • Stewed potatoes.
  • The classic fries.
  • Roasted potatoes on the barbecue.
  • Roasted vegetables .
  • Salad or Russian salad.
  • Cabbage or cabbage salad .

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