How to hide thick lips

November 18, 2020

How to hide thick lips

Despite the fact that many of us wish we had thicker and fuller lips , there are also women who have this type of lips and who, on the contrary, would like to reduce their visibility and make them thinner. And in this article, we are going to focus on the latter, giving you some simple makeup tricks that will easily achieve your goal of refining your lips and looking more beautiful. Take notes and discover how to hide a thick lips .

Steps to follow:

If you think that your lips are too voluptuous and you want to hide them, the following makeup trick is essential to achieve it. It is about camouflaging and blurring the contour of the lips with a little makeup base so that they visibly appear thinner. When you are applying the foundation all over your face, place a light layer just around the mouth and with the fingertips, blend the product along the entire contour, and also towards the center of the lips so that the color you choose , it stays intact longer.

With the above trick, your lips will not look as voluminous and will appear much thinner. If you want to use the eyeliner, we advise you to choose a pencil in neutral or light colors , such as beige or peach, moving away from those intense tones (red, burgundy, fuchsia, dark brown …) that, on the contrary, will enhance its size.

Once you have found the appropriate eyeliner, the ideal is to apply it by drawing a line on the inside, following the natural contour of the lips. With this step, your lips will look a little smaller but more attractive, and they will be ready to receive the lipstick color that you have chosen for the occasion.

Although you can show off an infinity of shades, the truth is that when we talk about hiding thick lips it is advisable to discard those more strident such as red, fuchsia, violet, oranges, coral, etc., and choose softer and lighter colors such as beige, nude , pale pink, light brown, etc. Also, stay away from gloss or transparent gloss, as it is a product that provides a lot of shine and volume to the lips.

Finally, we propose another trick that works well if you want to hide your thick lips and make them less visible. It consists of giving prominence to other facial features, such as the eyes , enhancing their beauty with a strong and intense makeup that makes you dazzle with a very seductive look. You can opt for the recurring smoky effect, for a fairly thick eyeliner or for eye shadows in dark or bright colors.

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