How to make peach jam

October 21, 2020

How to make peach jam

If you have bought more peaches or want to make this delicious one in a different way, then this recipe is perfect for you. We propose a very simple way to make a tasty peach jam, ideal to take advantage of all the benefits of this spring fruit and consume it both at breakfasts, in snacks and even incorporate it into some of your cakes or sponge cakes. Do not miss the step by step of the following article and discover how to make peach jam.

Follow these steps to make Peach Jam

Before you start making the peach jam, you must prepare all the peaches very well. First, peel them, remove the central bone, and cut them into small pieces with the help of a knife.

Next, put the chopped peaches in the saucepan or pot that you will use to make the jam, and add the two cups of sugar and the juice of a lemon that you must previously extract on top. Make sure that the juice covers all the fruit well, spreading it evenly.

Stir all the ingredients with a spoon or spatula, cover the saucepan and store it in the refrigerator. Let it sit there for at least 2 hours. So that the peach pieces absorb the sugar and begin to release their natural juice.

After this time, remove the saucepan from the refrigerator, place it on the fire and let it heat up to medium temperature. Stir the peach jam with a spoon from time to time to prevent the peach pieces from sticking or burning. For the jam to acquire the proper texture and consistency, it may take up to 1 hour, so you must wait and do not rush to remove it from the heat. In the event that you see that the peach jam is very thick, you can add a cup of water to lighten it.

Check if the peach jam is ready, taking a spoon and dropping a few drops. If these fall slowly, then it will be perfectly done; If it is still too liquid, leave it on the fire a little longer. Then, all you have to do is store the jam in glass jars and put them in the fridge to cool.

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