How to make brined olives

October 15, 2020

How to make brined olives

There is a wide variety of olives on the market , but they will always be much tastier if we prepare them ourselves. And it is not difficult to make olives in brine and they are really rich. If you have olive trees or know someone who can provide you with olives (or olives as they are known in some regions) directly from the tree, don’t think twice and dare to dress them at home. With this article, you will know how to make brined olives.

Follow these steps to make brined olives

The olives necessary to prepare them in brine must be extracted directly from the olive tree, that is, they have not been previously seasoned. So if you have to buy them, you can do it directly from someone who has olive trees.

Place the olives in a large enough container such as a clay bowl, a plastic basin, a cut jug, etc.

Add water to the container until the olives are completely covered.

You should change the water in the olives daily for 10-15 days .

When this time has passed, when changing the water you should add abundant salt. You will know that the amount of salt is sufficient if you add a raw egg to the container with the brine and it floats.

Repeat the previous step for a few days; With the salted water it will no longer be necessary to do it daily, but you can change the water of the olives every 3 days.

The next thing you should do is prepare the dressing for the olives . There are many different recipes, we explain how to dress them with aromatic herbs. For about 5 kg of olives you will need:

– 1 sprig of thyme

– 1 bay leaf

– some fennel stalks

– 1 lemon

– sal

– 1 head of garlic

Cook the thyme, fennel, bay leaf and salt for about 10 minutes and let it cool, and add the lemon in quarters.9

Hit the garlic with a mallet, so that when it breaks, they give off their flavor, and add them to the mixture that you have cooked.

When it is completely cold, add the dressing to the olives and then fill the container with cold water.11

Leave in dressing for about a week.12

Put them in boats and you can leave them for more or less time before consuming them so that they acquire a flavor with greater or lesser intensity.

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  • You can crush or chop the olives before putting them in water so that the flavor penetrates more.

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