How to get in shape

August 25, 2020

How to get in shape

Feeling comfortable with our own body is essential to achieve a desired feeling of well-being, because, beyond the number indicated on the scale when weighing ourselves, it is essential that we feel comfortable and healthy in our skin and that we treat our body with the respect that is deserved.

However, in life we ​​have to face challenges that sometimes force us to prioritize other aspects of our life, forcing us to neglect our bodies. If you have made the decision to feel good about yourself and want to start having healthier habits, this article may be most useful for you. We bring you great tips and exercises so you can learn how to get in shape fast once and for all. Cheer up!

How to get in shape fast at home

There are several reasons for wanting to be in shape. Either for pleasure, by medical recommendation or to look spectacular in summer, the key is in the diet (80%) and in the exercises (20%). To do this, it is best to plan a diet to get in shape that can help you achieve your goal. These are some of the foods you should eat to get in shape:

  • Proteins: proteins are essential for good nutrition and, at the same time, they will help you satisfy hunger and boost the muscle mass of your body. Beef, chicken breast, and fish like salmon and tuna are rich in protein.
  • Healthy fats: if you want to get in shape, you can’t ignore seafood, eggs, legumes, and those foods with healthy fats like avocados and olive oil.
  • Nuts: nuts deserve special mention, as they provide protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. As always, remember to consume these foods in moderation, as abusing any ingredient can lead to long-term health problems.
  • Fruits: if you want to lose weight or just get in shape, fruits can be your best allies. In addition to consuming foods with added sugars, there are a large number of fruits that can give you that sweet taste. The most advisable thing is to consume those fruits high in potassium such as bananas.

If after reducing the calories you consume in a day you do not feel fit, you should analyze other aspects, as it may be that your body accumulates more fat than muscle mass . To give you an idea, an athlete who measures 1.60 can weigh more than a sedentary person of the same size. However, the athlete will look leaner and feel much fitter. Have you already discovered why? The secret is in the exercise.

Here’s a perfect diet and exercise chart so you can feel fit in no time. Let’s do it!

Diet to get in shape

To lose weight, gain muscle mass and, in general, get in shape, it is not enough to reduce the consumption of certain foods, but you must learn to combine them correctly. With this diet to get in shape , you can start the path to your perfect silhouette:

Breakfasts to get in shape

  • Include fruits: you should include fruits in all your breakfasts, either in salad-like pieces or in juices and meringues. Fruits are foods full of properties, so their daily consumption will bring incredible benefits to your health. You can combine these fruits (or nuts of your preference) with yogurt and/or with a small envelope of whole-grain cookies.
  • Bet on a sandwich: another option is the sandwich of whole wheat bread with ricotta cheese or turkey or the omelet made with egg whites. A tea, an infusion, or a glass of skim milk will go well with these options.

Lunches (mid-morning)

  • Another piece of fruit: Include fruit again for your lunches mid-morning, when your appetite starts. Choose a different piece than the one you ate for breakfast; a serving of pineapple, an apple, plums, pears … there are many fruits that will give you the energy you need in the morning. In addition, they are fruits rich in antioxidants and fiber, so you will be able to satisfy your appetite until time to eat.
  • Juices and smoothies for the summer: if you are in summer and the heat makes you uncomfortable, it is best to refresh yourself in the middle of the morning with a delicious orange juice, since its citrates and antioxidants help prevent cardiovascular and kidney problems, as well as improve the intestinal flora. You can also bet on totally natural fresh smoothies or even very cold detox drinks.


There are several options to prepare a delicious, nutritious and healthy meal that, in addition to helping you get in shape, leaves you well full and satisfied. Here are some options:

  • Meats: choose lean, fat-free meat to minimize calorie consumption and make getting in shape a much easier challenge. Grilled chicken or fish are great options. If you want to add a touch of flavor to your proteins, you can also make them stewed, with garlic, or even with pineapple slices.
  • Chicken consommé : accompany it with vegetables or with one of your favorite soups. If it is summer, you can accompany it with any other cream that you like, always combining ingredients rich in fiber that do not contain excess fat.
  • Seafood casserole : seafood, in addition to containing excellent proteins for our body, is rich in all the amino acids your body needs, so a rich seafood casserole is a great option. You can accompany it with a light vegetable salad or a fruit salad.
  • Vegetable Lasagna: Vegetable lasagna with eggplant and pasta-free and béchamel is also a fabulous option to get in shape. You can enjoy the delicious taste of lasagna without having to worry about excess carbohydrates and fat.
Diet to get in shape


  • Natural fruit juices: if your appetite opens up in the middle of the afternoon, the best thing you can do is eat a piece of fruit accompanied by a natural yogurt or some whole grain cookies. However, you can also consume the fruit in the form of juices or natural smoothies … they will refresh you in summer and sweeten your afternoon.
  • Avocado toast : did you know that the fats that avocado contains are the most beneficial for your body? If you don’t feel like eating more fruit, prepare some whole wheat toast with avocado, lemon and a little oil. If you prefer, you can accompany the avocado with some thin slices of turkey.


  • Bell Peppers – Bell peppers stuffed with shredded chicken or ground beef are great for dinner. Not only are they a light dinner that will fill you up without getting heavy on your stomach, but it will help improve your digestion.
  • Chicken burgers: If you have a voracious hunger, chicken burgers can be a very nutritious alternative. Prepare them with whole wheat bread, ground chicken, tomato lettuce, and onion. All the ingredients are natural, beneficial, and low in fat.
  • Tortillas: tortillas are a great option to get in shape because you can cook them in many different ways and adding the ingredients according to your preference. The omelet baked with spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or cauliflower is an option that will leave you pleasantly surprised. You can also bet on an omelet with prawns and decorate it with some light cheese cubes. You’ll love it!

How to get in shape for running

The type of exercises to perform to get in shape depends on factors such as the mobility that your body gives you or the recommendations of your doctor. However, your preferences are also important when defining an exercise table to get in shape, since it is not the same to do something for pleasure than for obligation. For example, if you like dancing, practicing Zumba or dance therapy can be excellent options, while if you enjoy contact with nature, daily walks or climbing may be the best options for you.

However, there are some parts of the body that require more work to transform than others. For this reason, we recommend a table of exercises to get in shape that you should always alternate with a few previous minutes (10-15) of cardio:


  1. Do prior stretches to avoid injury and warm up, as your muscles must start working. 
  2. As we have said, you should alternate specific exercises with a few minutes of cardio to warm up and raise your heart rate. During these minutes you can jump, do jumping jacks, run, etc. 


Squats are great to start your daily fitness routine. We tell you how you should do them correctly:

  1. Strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings by flexing your legs to 90 degrees and keeping your arms in front.
  2. Keep your back straight and your navel turned inward, making force with your trunk so that in addition to your legs, your abs also work.
  3. To squat correctly, you will have to sit on your butt as if there is an invisible chair behind you. 
  4. Perform at least 20 reps of single squats to warm up.


Once you’ve warmed up, lunges are a perfect exercise to keep your guard up and strengthen your legs, glutes, and abs.

  1. Bring one leg forward and bend it about 90 degrees. Your other leg should be supported at the same starting point, thus helping you to balance. Lower yourself by supporting all your weight on your quadriceps and glutes, as only then will you work the right muscles.
  2. Complete about 20 repetitions with one leg and then repeat with the other leg.

Push Up

Also known as push-ups, these exercises will allow you to work mainly the muscles of the upper limbs: biceps, triceps, shoulders and back.

  1. Place him face down and support your weight on the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet. Your arms should be straight (as if you were doing a high plank) and your legs should be as straight as possible.
  2. Place your arms parallel to your chest. If you find it very difficult, you can always separate them a little more.
  3. Do about 20 push-ups per day for the first few weeks of training. Then progressively increase. If you find it too difficult, you can do 10 push-ups, rest for a few seconds, and do 10 more push-ups. Also, if normal push ups are too difficult for you , you can do the push-ups with your knees flat on the ground , lifting less weight with your arms.

Pelvic lift

Strengthening the back muscles is much more important than it seems, since the back is one of the areas of our body that suffer the most from day-to-day postures. This exercise is perfect both to strengthen the lower back and to tighten the abs:

  1. Lie on your stomach and bend your legs to 90 degrees. Your arms should remain straight on each side of the body.
  2. Raise your pelvis while taking deep breaths. In this way, you will stretch your spine while working with the so-called “core muscles”. Hold the posture for a few seconds, straining with your abdomen and gluts.
  3. 15 repetitions a day will be enough to keep your back in perfect condition, although if you want to get in shape, it is best to add to these elevations some other exercise to strengthen your back.

Weight training exercises to get in shape

If you do not have this sports equipment, do not worry, because we offer you some tricks so that these exercises have the same effect:

  1. Find two identical containers that you can easily take with your hands and fill them with water or sand.
  2. Make sure to put the same amount in each container to get the same weight and the same results.
  3. Grab your weights with your palms facing upward and bend your elbows until you bring the weights toward your shoulders.
  4. Intersperse this exercise with two more : keep your arms straight with the weights in your hands and make small up and down movements with your hands without bending your elbows. You can also hold the weights straight with your arms straight, then bring your hands up to your shoulders.

Perform two sets with 20 repetitions each going through the 3 variants of exercises with weights mentioned.


  1. Lie on the floor on your back, interlock your fingers behind your head and bend your knees. Leave your feet well supported on the floor or on the mat where you are going to do the sit-ups.
  2. Keep the lumbar spine close to the ground and lift your trunk slightly, always avoiding sticking your chin to the chest .
  3. Strengthening with your abs, go up and then back down, resting your abdomen with your back close to the ground before lifting up again, using your abs.

With this exercise, the muscles of the abdomen are worked properly, however, you can increase the difficulty by crossing one leg over the other and raising the trunk to the opposite side, as this will better shape your figure. Whether your abs are marked earlier or later will depend on your perseverance. Here we show you how to exercise your abs at home correctly.

How to get back in shape

The years leave their mark as they pass, and although at 40 we can be in perfect shape, it is essential that we do not stop taking care of ourselves at any time, because both women and men begin to experience hormonal changes that make getting in shape no longer So easy.

The metabolism slows down over the years and, in addition, there is a tendency to lose bone mass more quickly, so that the joints no longer respond in the same way. For this reason, if you want to know how to get in shape at 40, take into account the following recommendations :

Exercise daily

  • You should not force yourself too much in the gym to achieve immediate success, because the most important thing is that you are constant and that you have patience; Only with this perseverance will you get progressively fitter.
  • Both men and women over 40 need to perform more strength exercises to build muscle mass. In this way, you can deal with the terrible fat deposits that lodge in places like the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs.
  • Weights can be great allies in this task. In addition, the elasticity of the joints can be prolonged with the incorporation of yoga or Pilates into the weekly sports routine.
How to get in shape back

Eat a balanced diet

  • Avoid sweets and sweets to avoid consuming unnecessary sugars and fats. Avoid artificial colors and trans fats, which are very harmful to the body and difficult to burn after 40.
  • Proteins are the priority in the diet of men and women from 40, so you must make sure to always consume meat, fish, and fiber.
  • As for fruit, always bet on those that contain less sugar and consume them in moderation. 
  • Salads are a perfect dish if you’re wondering how to get in shape at 40, however, you should keep a close eye on your dressings. A splash of olive or coconut oil, salt, and pepper will be more than enough. From time to time, you can also allow yourself to add avocado to your salads since the fats that this food contains are very beneficial for the body.
  • Include foods rich in fiber in your diet. These will help you improve your intestinal transit and, in addition, they will take care of keeping you satiated for longer.

Eat less, eat more

This trick is to eat a little less at each meal, but more times a day. Thus, you will never be hungry and your metabolism will remain activated.


Consuming water is vital for the body to process food well and eliminate fats that your body does not need. The daily amount of water recommended by experts varies, but ideally, you should drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day. You can also make infusions, juices, and pieces of fruit that provide hydration to your body.


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