How to get rid of a pimple from the face quickly

May 21, 2020

How to get rid of a pimple from the face quickly

It has happened to all of us to wake up the day before that special event and find on our faces a grain that we did not count on. It is a situation that undoubtedly despairs us especially when we think that there is no way to show off a radiant complexion on that important occasion. Do not be alarmed! There is still the possibility of disguising and getting rid of this unwanted guest, you just have to put into practice some of the tricks and home remedies that we show you in this article. Take note and discover how to remove a pimple from your face quickly.


The paste dentifrice is a hygiene product that can help in the task of removing a grain face quickly. To remove the grains with toothpaste. It is best to wash your face well before going to sleep and apply the paste on the grain so that it works throughout the night. In the morning, remove with plenty of warm water and you will see how the grain has decreased.

But, if you urgently need a solution you can also apply the paste and let it rest on your skin for 20 minutes, in that time it will fulfill the task of drying the grain a little and allowing it to quickly disappear.

Take into account that this method is not highly recommended for dry skin, it is more effective for people who have rather greasy skin.

Lemon juice

Another popular trick to remove a pimple from the face quickly is to put a little fresh lemon juice on it since the acids it contains and the vitamins will dry the pimple and act as a natural antiseptic.

It is advisable to carry out this treatment at night before going to sleep, so this citrus will work for several hours and you do not run the risk of getting spots on your skin, which is what happens if after applying it, you expose yourself to Sun. Using lemon for acne is one of the most used tricks to combat it.

Green tea

An effective home remedy to combat grains is to mix a little green tea with pastry yeast, which we normally use for cooking. Green tea is a powerful antibacterial that will make that bothersome bean decrease or disappear and not become infected.

Make a paste by mixing these two ingredients and place it on the grain with the help of a cotton ball or swab. Let the ointment dry, and then remove it with warm water and clean your face as you usually do.

Honey and cinnamon

The following natural remedy, in addition to helping you to deflate the pimples on the face, will give it deep hydration. You just have to mix a little honey and cinnamon to form a paste, wash your face, and apply the paste obtained on the infected areas before going to bed. If you tend to spin around and move around a lot while you sleep, put a towel on the pillow to avoid staining it. Honey, in addition to hydrating your face, is a natural antibiotic that will help you combat unwanted pimples.

Lavender essential oil

The lavender oil has very beneficial dermatological properties for your skin, helping to fight impurities like pimples and blackheads. Above all, it is worth noting its great anti-inflammatory capacity. For this reason, a great treatment is to apply a little of this essential oil on the area where the grain is located and let it work overnight, preferably.

Also, if you want to enhance the anti-inflammatory effect of this plant, you can let the lavender oil cool in the fridge for half an hour before using it, or after applying the oil you can apply a little ice wrapped in a cotton cloth directly to the area affected.

Green clay

Among the different types of clays that we can find, green clay is the one that will help us the most to get rid of unwanted grains. Thanks to its regulatory properties for oily and antibacterial skin, by making a simple mask you will be able to say goodbye to all the last minute impurities and pimples.

So, to remove grain from the face quickly, you will have to mix 2 tablespoons of green clay powder and 2 or 3 tablespoons of water and stir well until you get a homogeneous paste. Apply the mask in the pimple area or take advantage and spread it all over your face to do a good facial cleaning. Let it sit and act for 20 to 30 minutes and remove it with plenty of warm water.

If your skin itches or itches, you should immediately remove it with water before the time indicated above passes. You can wear this green clay mask at any time of the day, but avoid the sun hitting you directly.


This tropical fruit is very useful to fight acne and get rid of impurities. Papaya contains various substances such as vitamins A, B, and C that will help to deflate the pimples on the face and act as natural antioxidants. Also, this fruit contains papain a component that helps us exfoliate the skin while also serving to regenerate the cells of the dermis.

It is best to use the pulp of this fruit to make a mask. You can apply the pulp directly or you can make a more complete mask by adding flaked oats to deeply nourish and exfoliate better. To make it you must remove the seeds of the papaya and keep a couple of pieces of its meat, add in the container 2 or 3 tablespoons of oat flakes, and half a glass of water. You will have to crush it until it is as homogeneous a paste as possible, either with the blender or the mixer.

Wash your face with water and dry it gently, spread the papaya mask on the grain you want to remove, or on all the skin on your face. Allow it to act for 20 to 30 minutes and remove it with plenty of warm water.


Garlic is a great antiseptic and antibacterial that, also, acts as a natural antioxidant, for this reason it is a very good choice to remove pimples from the face. The best way to use it, in this case, is to take a fresh garlic clove, crush it and apply it directly to the affected part of the face, you can also split the garlic in two and rub one of the pieces into the grain. It should be left to act for about 5 minutes before removing it with plenty of warm water. Besides, we must be careful that it does not come into contact with the eyes since this food will irritate them a lot.

You can repeat this 3 or 4 times a day, this way the grain will have been reduced considerably the next morning or even disappeared.

Sodium bicarbonate

This home remedy to remove pimples is suitable to mix with others such as lavender oil and lemon juice. Due to its great exfoliating, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory capacity, sodium bicarbonate is perfect for saying goodbye to facial impurities, dead cells and reducing pimples, preventing them from becoming infected.

You will have to mix half a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda until there is a paste. Apply it on the part where you have pimples and allow it to work for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, remove the pasta with warm or cold water and dry it with a towel with soft touches and never rubbing, since if you do it, you will only inflame the grain.

Tips to prevent pimples

To prevent pimples you must take care of your skin and your diet. For this reason, here are some tips to avoid the appearance of pimples :

  • Worry about cleaning your face daily properly.
  • Exfoliate your skin with specific products to remove dead cells.
  • Then use astringents in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) to close the pores.
  • Avoid going to bed without first removing makeup, as this only covers the pores making your skin more prone to acne and the appearance of pimples.
  • Take care of your diet and avoid fatty and processed foods.

If after applying any of these home remedies, you want to camouflage the pimples on your face and reduce their visibility.

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  • Don’t squeeze a pimple before treating it.
  • If pimples are a serious problem for you, see a dermatologist.
  • Wash your face and pat dry before applying any pimple treatment.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching your face or applying treatments.



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