How to delete messages from a WhatsApp groups

April 18, 2020

How to delete messages from a WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups is a very effective platform to engage the people. WhatsApp Group frequently has a lot of people who encouraged by writing messages that are not entirely important to the conversation. If you want, it possible to delete those that do not have much validity to simplify the data and keep what is relevant (for example, the day and time it was left). Follow these simple steps to achieve this without deleting the group you belong to.

Follow these steps to delete the message from a WhatsApp Gro

Go to the WhatsApp application and frequently join the group you want, in the Chats tab.

Place the cursor over the comments of the component you want to delete. Better start with the most recent, since they will be possibly the most annoying.

You will see that where you normally insert your text to reply, it gives you 3 options: R for a reply, D to delete and F to send.

Press D and you will be asked if you want to delete the message. Select accept. You must do it with each invasion of the person, be quiet.

And if you love this application then we give you the step by step to install WhatsApp on your computer, create groups on your smartphone or block a number in your contact list to prevent someone you do not want from writing to you.


It is a slow but effective method. Make sure you don’t delete anything important! You will not be able to recover it.


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