How long the Egg Last Before going to damage in Freezer

April 29, 2020

How long the Egg Last Before going to damage in Freezer

How long the Egg Last. Due to their fragility, eggs are one of the most delicate foods, but the truth is that they preserve quite well: they have approximately 28 days of expiration, a time longer than many fresh foods.

When you see them in the supermarket, you will notice that they keep them at room temperature. However, by the time you get home, it’s best to put the eggs in the refrigerator and not take them out of there so they will keep better, as sudden changes in temperature spoil them quickly. If you want to know more about how long raw or cooked eggs last and how to know if an egg is bad, we tell you everything!

How long do fresh eggs last out of the refrigerator?

Eggs can keep out of the refrigerator. However, this form of preservation is usually not the most recommended, as they will last fresh for a time of only 7 to 10 days.

If you leave the eggs longer than indicated. They will prone to contracting microorganisms and bacteria that multiply rapidly within them. This can result in one of the most common egg diseases: salmonella.

How long do fresh eggs last in the fridge?

Eggs last fresh in the fridge for approximately 3 to 5 consecutive weeks. Having eggs in the refrigerator is the best way to preserve this food. Since it allows them to keep good for much longer without losing their properties or altering their flavor.

Keep in mind that the best place to store them is not the door, but the interior of the refrigerator. Since most of the cold concentrated there and the temperature is more stable. Keeping them cold is important to prevent any health problems.

Depending on the case and the measures taken for refrigeration, you can continue using your eggs even after the expiration date. Later we will tell you how to know if the eggs are bad and you can continue using them or not.

At the time you want to cook them, take only the ones you need from the refrigerator and use them quickly, do not leave them outside for more than two hours. As mentioned earlier, eggs do not respond well to sudden changes in temperature and there is a risk that they will be damaged.

How long do cooked eggs last

There are many dishes that consist of boiled or cooked eggs, the most common are salads. Boiled eggs can be kept in the fridge for a maximum of 7 days if they are in the shell. In the event that the shell has removed. It is recommended to consume it instantly.

It is worth noting the importance of placing them in the fridge for up to two hours after cooking, in order to avoid poisoning.

In case you want to eat the boiled eggs from several days ago and you have not peeled them yet, you should take into account the following:

1. Avoid taking it out of the refrigerator too long in advance. At most, it can be 2 hours at room temperature.

2. So that it is not too cold at the time of consumption, place it in a glass of hot water for a few minutes, then you can take it out and peel it.

Cooking eggs is one of the healthiest ways to consume this nutritious food.  

How to tell if an egg is bad

You may have left an egg too long in the fridge and wondering how long eggs last after the expiration date. There is no definitive answer, it is best to check if the egg is expired before cooking. There are many ways to know if an egg is bad, some of them are:

The bad smell is one of the main characteristics that the egg is in a bad state, if you notice it, you should discard it immediately.

1. Put it in a glass of water. If it floats, it means bad. If it sinks, it will indicate that it is fresh and you can use it for your meals.

2. If you have already broken it, roll it in circular motions. If the yolk not kept in the center, it means that the egg is bad. Also, if you hear any kind of sound, it will also mean that the egg is in bad shape.

3. By means of the yolk, it is also possible to verify if this food is in a state of decomposition. If you see that it is stained or inconsistent, discard it immediately.

4. If the shell is cracked or damaged, it means that it is in poor condition.

Eggs represent an important source of protein for the body, with them you can make a large number of highly nutritious dishes. Knowing their useful life will help you to use them in a better way to take advantage of all their properties. 

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