Why do spots appear on the genitals?. Discussed it

March 28, 2020

Genitals Spots aren’t usually a serious condition. But they can be a cause of great anxiety There are many people who have wondered how to clarify the intimate parts quickly in recent years. While it is true that it may be an uncomfortable or even embarrassing question for some. The truth is that both women and men decide to bleach their anus or other parts of the body daily for aesthetic reasons. There are people who may find it excessively unpleasant of dark pigmentation in some areas of the skin.

Here we explain how to whiten the anus with some of the most popular and effective methods.

 Docauses of spots appear on thegenitals?

Before we start talking about how to whiten the anus quickly with aesthetic treatments and natural remedies. So we explain why the genitals blacken so easily. There are several reasons why these areas darken over time:


 Ageis one of the main reasons which make rapidly blackness certain areas of theskin. Inevitably, the passage of time the color of our skin to change. Theinflammations, viruses, and hemorrhoids that a person may have sufferedthroughout their lives take their toll on the dermis when they reach a certainage.


 Geneticscan also much involve this darkening of the skin.


Thereare diseases such as obesity that can unleash the color change in the skin. Thethickening and blackening of certain areas can be caused by the friction andmoisture of the fold of the skin itself.

Tight clothing:

Thegenitals are areas of our body that are usually covered by layers and layers ofclothing. Tight underwear can cause chafing and skin sweat, which subsequentlyleads to the blackening of the skin.

Bad hygiene:

Thevaginal mucosa, as you well know, is very sensitive. The genitals are the mostfragile areas that require very specific and non-aggressive cleaning. Peoplewho are not careful with these hygiene processes can see the consequences oftheir skin color.


Duringpregnancy, parts of the body that can darken,  closely linked to thehormonal changes. So the woman’s body goes throughout pregnancy.


Asoccurs during pregnancy, hormones have a high level of responsibility. However,during menstruation large amounts of iron are expelled. According to expertscan cause darkening of the genital areas.

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