“Patient 31” Coronavirus case shows how one patient can cause unlimited infection.

March 28, 2020

InFebruary,  Diego, a 60-year-old woman now known as “Patient 31”. Sheis responsible for spread the coronavirus in the majority of South Koreans whohad been infected with the Coronavirus, covid-19.  She knew that she wassick. But she referred to go to church for heavy socializing and impressthousands of people.

Thisincident shows how infectious the coronavirus is. One person can spread theinfection to many people. That’s why, social distance, lockdown, and quarantineare so important to protect yourself and those around you.

Coronavirus is 3 times more contagious than normal flu. If a patient infected transmits the infection to three people, the multiplication effect of about ten cycles will probably affect about  59,000 people.

Thecalculation was done by an intensive care specialist who broke down howinfectious the new Coronavirus is and how it can affect the majority of peoplein the world.

SouthKorea implements the world’s most aggressive coronavirus test program. Thecountry has experienced one out of every 200 citizens. South Korea hasimplemented a drive-through of the clinic to test patients for Covid-19. Bydrive, the clinics take the temperature of the patient, insert an earbud typething into someone’s nose and sample the flu.

Thedrive throw test free, designed for people to go in and out without any physicalcontact, and all test takers wear appropriate kits to protect themselves frominfection.

Allcountries are now trying to work in isolation at home to prevent the spread ofthe Coronavirus to speed up its pace.

However, after 31 cases of the patient, South Korea significantly slowed down the virus, applying lockdown and isolation in the country.

Everyperson receives a text message contains the result of their test. If apatient’s report comes out positive. They are admitted for treatment at theisolated Clinic due to Coronavirus. So the government of South Korea hasimplemented more than 500 testing sites in the country so far.

Followingthe success of the South Korean Drive Three Test, several countries, includingGermany, Belgium, England, Australia, and some US states, are also taking thedrive.

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