Expert says coronavirus test kits soon are available at home

March 28, 2020

TheUK-based Sugar Coronavirus Test Kit developed, with full results available tothe general public, which can be ordered online.

Like the Sugar kit, the Coronavirus Test Kit developed which available at home. The test kit prepared to diagnose the devastating Coronavirus around the world. According to British media, the kit prepared for the Coronavirus test provided at home in the occurrence of a crisis. Now Corona test able to test it at home.

ProfessorSharon Peacock, director of the National Infection Service at Public HealthEngland, has informed the British Parliament that a group has developed afingerprint kit to test for the Coronavirus, which will be tested by finger-pointinga needle.

Millions of the tests could be made available on the high street or via Amazon, Professor Sharon Peacock, from PHE, said.

A bloodsample will immediately indicate whether the results are positive or negative.If the results not clear, the sample sent to the laboratory.

He added that this fingerprint kit similar to the one used to check for sugar, meaning that only blood samples could be sampled by fingerprinting. So tests performed once it introduced to the public, people can order it at home or on Amazon.

Expert says coronavirus test kits soon are available at home

Initially, the kit will provide to the staff and key volunteers of the National Health Services, after which it will be available to all persons. She once told us to reassure everyone how effective this cut could be. It released to the market later this week. Full details will reveal at the end of this week.

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