Benefits of rose water for facial skin and beauty Routine

March 27, 2020

Benefits of rose water for facial skin and beauty Routine

Rose water is an ingredient there is a large number of cosmetics due to its numerous properties for the skin. Used since ancient times as a beauty trick to refresh the skin. The current boom in natural cosmetics put it back on the front line in terms of effective dermis care products. In addition to being able to find it indifferent cosmetics such as tonics, creams or mists, you can make your own rosewater at home in a very simple way and thus benefit from all its merits.

It can be used on the face, body, hair. We want to focus on the properties of rose water for the face and its benefits.

Benefits of rose water for the face

Its high concentration in vitamin C, among others, and its anti-inflammatory, soothing, regenerating and decongestant properties make this product the perfect ally for treating skin. You only used rose water to refresh and calm the face. You have to know that it also acts on the signs of aging because it protects from the action of free radicals. Read on and you will discover all the benefits that rose water has for the face.


One of the most common uses of rose water is as anti-wrinkle. It acts on expression lines and wrinkles helping you to combat the signs of skin aging. Among its benefits is the stimulation of collagen production that improves elasticity and tone and protects the skin from the action of free radicals.

Regulates oily skin

Although it is suitable for all skin types. Its sebum-balancing and cleansing effects make it the perfect product for oily or combination skin. If you have oily skin, It will regulate sebum production and, in combination with its antimicrobial properties, your face will look clean and free of impurities.


Rose water is an excellent ally against bags and dark circles because its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties manage to satisfy and deflate them. How to get it? It is very simple, you just have to soak a few cotton disks in rose water and apply them to the area of ​​the dark circles. Let it act for 10 minutes.

Remember that to achieve visible effects you must be constant, as with any beauty treatment. Include this step in your daily beauty routine and you will notice your look rejuvenated and without signs of fatigue.


The water rose petals are also an effective antioxidant able to mitigate damage caused by environmental pollution, stress and solar radiation due to the high concentration of vitamins C, B, and E.

Improves acne

Among the uses of rose water for the face, the scarring stands out, making it a highly recommended product if you have acne skin. In addition, to having a great calming and refreshing power. It reduces redness and reduces acne marks thanks to its healing properties.

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